GALLERY 2: 15TH Century Punjab

In the fifteenth century, Punjab was under the rule of the Lodhi dynasty, and was divided into districts under the governance of Pathan Sikdaars, appointed by the Sultan, who were also responsible for collecting huge sums of the Sultan's taxes. Discrimination was rampant in Hindu society. The Untouchable castes were not permitted to share food, water, living spaces, or even touch a person of higher caste. Muslim society too was divided into the rich landed gentry and the wretched struggling peasants and craftsmen.

Women led restrictive lives. They were considered impure and untouchable during menstruation and childbirth. The practice of sati was prevalent and women were forced to observe it. In this time of oppression and abject poverty, people turned to ceremonies and sacrifices as part of the daily rituals of life. Ascetics were seen by the distressed as the conduits of magical relief. Shrines of Sufi teachers had become places of pilgrimage for those seeking God's shelter.

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