GALLERY 6: Guru Angad

Guru Angad established the second Sikh centre at Khadur Sahib, where he devoted himself to recording Guru Nanak's divine verses in the Gurmukhi script. Guru Angad continued to compose his sermons in verse and established the tradition of attributing all these verses to Guru Nanak himself.

Khadur Sahib became a place where devotees sought the spiritual message through hymns that were sung night and day. A kitchen, open to all, offered Langar and holy offering to the hungry devotees.

Once, the Guru's daughter, Bibi Amro was chanting devotional verses, getting impressed by the simplicity and beauty with which the Gurbani was sung by her, a devotee, Amardas, offered himself to the service of the Guru and the Gurbani. Guru Angad anointed him as the next and third Guru of the faith.

Guru Amardas established himself in the town of Goindwal from where he began administrating the new faith throughout northern India. For this he also established 22 preaching centers. The Guru dedicated his services to uplift the status of women in society.He declared his opposition to the purdah system, and he vehemently attacked sati.

The Guru also discouraged the practice and profession of living of alms, by preaching the virtue of honest toil.

His steadfast opposition to the caste system was demonstrated when he undertook the digging a step-well in Goindwal Sahib and invited anyone, regardless of caste and creed, to drink from it.

Guru Amardas nominated Guru Ramdas as his successor.

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